Thursday, July 26, 2012

Apple iPod Touch applications for big changes

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So many rumors about the next iPhone, Apple iPhone, with five currently known, we've heard. But now some news sites of major changes in their other products through this fall. has changed and improved. However, the source told Makvtakara something about the time the new iPod Touch, but some sites and other sources said Monday that this fall should wait for iPod Touch and iPod Nano from Apple to be entirely new.

Facebook offered a smart phone with HTC 2013

 The social networks of mobile phone use, while none of the 3 ‪. ‬ 15 billion in advertising sales company has been through a smart phone. And according to the Facebook experience, it can be quite helpful and full of money. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Help: How to get your Mac ready to meet a mountain lion?

Apple's operating system OS X Mountain Lion will be released

A. Units on - 2012-07-25 09:04

All IP-MAC middle of 2007 onwards, since late 2008 MacBook, MacBook Prvhay mid 2007, late 2008 MacBook Ayrhay since early 2009 to the Mac mini, Mac Prvhay early 2008 onwards, and X servers In early 2009 onwards can be upgraded to new version of Apple Shirkooh.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Insole and a revolutionary new biometric security

 stride length in different individuals together. If the profile was correct and completely consistent with the reference data, a crossing gate and allow access to the protected area will be rejected and then, biometric insoles are off. If the person is not allowed to pass or not identified, in addition to security devices, alarm pull together the insoles. Todd Gray of the members of the research team says ‫: ‬ «only after three steps, you identify insoles

Waterproof jacket for cold and heat

Fabrics and fibers in the world these days but if you look, we find new technologies for sewing our clothes to be able to make multi-purpose gadget.

This coat layers of flexible, stretchable, spongy and is waterproof. The two sides in two colors silver and black design. And depending on what side of the jacket is worn, it can be considered a warm winter jacket or cooling.

 The Austrian company have been studied for several years and won several awards had also been different. His new clothing company hopes to enter the market from September this year.

Software to convert the "minority report" to the fact

This computer control with hand gestures (gesture) in size, but not limited to science fiction films. شرکت لس آنجلسی Oblong Industries (spatial operating environment) is. Tom Cruise and Colin Farrell from the film " Minority Report "Steven Spielberg have seen that with computers they control such a manner. G-speak users can now wear special gloves and do some special moves in the air, the same computers and control their work. Oblong Industries CEO Kevin Cramer says: "We think that in the future style multi-user computing, multi-display and multi-tool will be done.This system helps an administrative solution to the problems the way we work. "He said, the main target market for this system, companies are military and security services.